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Women's Attire


A light-weight kimono worn by women.  This is often worn at fireworks festivals and other summer events.


Traditionally worn by both un married and married women.  Unmarried women wear a simplified Furisode and married women wear an informal Tomesode.  Homongi are worn to informal parties, tea gatherings, New Years celebrations, and visiting people.


This is a formal kimono with long sleeves. Traditionally worn by unmarried woman.


The wedding kimono consists of two different kimono. The white wedding kimono (shiro-muku) is worn for the wedding ceremony and an elaborate rich patterned silk kimono called uchikake is worn over the white kimono at the wedding reception.

Men's Attire



Children's Attire

Children's Kimono

We have a variety of kimonos and hakamas available for children of all ages.  This is perfect for taking photos to celebrate the traditional Shi-Chi-Go-San.

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